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Posted by on Apr 28, 2016 in Adults

There are these sorts of trivial, but apparently highly troubling problems millions of adults are dealing with. Women tend to see themselves as fat and strive to lose their weight or change their breasts, hips or lips. On the other hand, men want to make their little friend larger.

Whether it’s the influence of fashion models and porn industry models or a simple consequence of literary seeing the problem from the wrong angle, most of the guys strongly believe they are below average. This means too many men believe they are insufficient to their partners during sexual adventure only due to their lack of few inches.

A whole deeper emotional and psychological layer lies underneath this particular problem and the most of it is simply explained by a lack of self-confidence. Considering that most guys would do literary anything to present themselves as alpha males and impress a woman, they reach out for various solutions of this problem. Unfortunately, this obsessive issue makes them perfectly vulnerable and exposed to many suspicious offers on the market.

efektThe sad truth is that market offers all kinds of products and none of them really works. Not only they don’t work, but many of these products put men at great health risk.

Another sad truth is that most of the guys actually fall into the group of average size.

So, let’s take a closer look.

Frequently used methods are the vacuum pump and stretching with weights. Sounds kind of brutal and the impression is not far away from the truth. The vacuum pump is a device that pumps some extra blood into your penis, increasing its size only temporarily. Once the circulation is stabilized again, you’re back to the lab. Stretching exercises don’t work simply because penis isn’t a muscle and you can not apply gym strategy onto it. There is also an endless collection of supplements, pills and creams with one thing in common – none of it works either.

Penis-enlargement-illlustration-infoSome guys go even further in seek of desired ideal dimensions and are willing to go under the knife for it. Surgery offers lengthening and widening the penis. The first one cut off your suspensory ligament, piece of tissue connecting your penis to the pelvis. The second one is even more troubling. Widening involves implantation of various materials into the tissue of the penis. Both surgery methods will in best scenario provide you with less than an extra inch, exposing you to huge risks, including the paradox one – ending up with even smaller penis than you had at the beginning.

Put like this, it seems there is no some bright promising perspective for those who feel leashed by nature. The truth is that, so far, there is no effective and safe quick way to “resize” yourself, but there is one thing you can always do that kind of helps.

dd993099-aa00-449b-b375-1e1fdca3ef1c-2060x1236Lose your weight. It sounds like generic doctor’s advice, but there is founded an explanation. Belly fat hides a certain amount of your penile tissue, so by reducing your suprapubic fat tissue you will create the impression of a larger penis. It doesn’t really change its size, but it makes it larger-looking. In the same way, improving your overall physical condition, especially cardiovascular health, will certainly make you last longer and perform better. But if you consider that most adult women state that size actually doesn’t matter that much, you should probably focus on being creative, passionate and technically good lover, rather than take the risks of various procedures without effect.

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